Policies and Conditions of Service

Welcome to the www.zentidosopic.cl portal, whose design has been developed and certified in accordance with security standards for online payment via Webpay Plus (Transbank company) and provides users with the utmost confidentiality and privacy of personal information and payment details submitted by users.

Security and Privacy Policy conditions are detailed in this document. 
The service offered by Zentidos OPIC operates only on the website www.zentidosopic.cl. By using this service and registering on the site, you agree to the terms and conditions that are detailed here. If you do not agree with our policies of use, please refrain from accessing this website and using it as a portal for registration and payment of activities, courses, seminars, conferences, and events in general. A "user" is defined as any natural or legal person, association without legal personality, or representative of these that uses the services and information contained on the site in Chile or in any other country in the world.

All information collected and submitted by our users is the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originated. Zentidos OPIC will only use the information provided by users for internal tracking, analysis of statistics, to answer e-mails if required, to carry out orders and dispatches if required, and to provide the user with any information regarding his/her account, promotions, additional information with respect to Zentidos OPIC and/or the activities, events that are promoted here, and contracted services and products. Information will not be misused, and it will be exclusively limited to the internal use of Zentidos OPIC. It will not be sold, leased, or exchanged for information with third parties.

Intellectual and Industrial Property: 
All content, information, graphics, designs, and other aspects of the site are protected by law. Any copying, redistribution, use, or publication, total or partial, is prohibited by law.

Access to the Site: 
To access the services offered on the site, user registration is required to the Zentidos OPIC database. It is the responsibility of the user to protect his/her personal information, card or banking details, and access codes; these are for the exclusive use of the owner and should not be shared with anyone. Data entered on the Zentidos OPIC site are encrypted and protected, thus safeguarding against violations of confidentiality obligations and privacy of the information contained on the site.

Accuracy of Information: 
All information provided by the user to Zentidos OPIC must be accurate and verifiable. For this purpose, the user guarantees the authenticity and ownership of all data provided and that this information is up-to-date. He/she is liable for all damage arising from any inaccuracies, whether experienced by the user, Zentidos OPIC, or third parties.

It is prohibited for users to use the site to upload, make announcements, or otherwise distribute any information, including computer viruses and all consequential damages; to obstruct site security; to violate publicity rights or any other proprietary right of any natural or legal person, group, etc.; to impede or interrupt site use by third parties; to use accounts and passwords of third parties or any other information without prior consent from the owner; to create accounts or use the site to distribute false information; to transmit spam, chains, junk mail, or any other type of unsolicited mass e-mail; to upload or distribute from the site material or information that is of a threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, fraudulent, or deceitful nature or that is against the law, good customs, or public order in any way, or that violates the rights of any other party, or that contains fundraising requests, among others.

System Failures: Zentidos OPIC is not responsible for any damage, harm, or loss to the user caused by failures in the software, the server, or the Internet. It will also not be responsible for any virus that infects the user's computer as a consequence for accessing, using, or viewing the site or due to any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio. Access and continued and uninterrupted use of the site is not guaranteed. The system may occasionally not be available due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or for any other circumstance external to Zentidos OPIC; in such cases, it will be sought to restore it as soon as possible without this imputing any type of responsibility.
Responsibility: Zentidos OPIC is not responsible for the loss or damage that files that are sent for the provision of its services may suffer, whether this be due to technical problems, problems caused by Zentidos OPIC, or problems caused by its dependents. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the user to back up information that is sent for the provision of services.

Contract Conditions: To contract or buy one or more of the products or services, it is mandatory to create an account or register by filling out the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM specified for each product or service. Information registration is necessary in order to offer easy access to the system, to place an order, or to access online payment; this is done for the purpose of assuring participation, use, and attendance to the events, in the cases in which it is pertinent.

Payment Methods Registration payment is made upon completing the registration form, filling out all of the required fields, through the Webpay (Transbank) online payment system. The use of a credit or debit card is necessary, as the case may be. Payments made using bank deposits, bank transfers, or money orders from abroad will be notified by e-mail with the respective recepit attached with the registration code. Otherwise, the payment status will remain as pending.
Registrations or payments over the phone are accepted exceptionally.


Products promoted through the site can be sold only by Zentidos OPIC and/or clients authorized by Zentidos OPIC.
Changes in products that are sold through the site are subject to stock availability or to changes, cancellations, postponements, etc. that clients authorized by Zentidos OPIC establish to promote and sell their products or services. Products or services may only be returned if they do not correspond to the product or service bought by the user or in the case of those who experience changes due to causes strictly inherent to Zentidos OPIC or any of its authorized clients. Prices of all products or services may change according to the promotional periods or periods of validity that Zentidos OPIC or its authorized clients set. This will be properly informed on the web pages or specific brochures for each product/service, client, or event whose address for information will be visible on the online registration form, specified for each product or service.

Compliance with the obligations associated with event registration is always the responsibility of Zentidos OPIC; however, compliance with the quality of activities and events, as well as their dates, program, location, and services additional to these are the responsibility of the clients authorized by Zentidos OPIC who contract the portal for their promotion, registration, and online payment, and who will be responsible for complying with the obligations, as well as any damage that users may experience by virtue of the compliance or non-compliance with event obligations. In the case that events cannot be carried out due accidental cases or force majeure (natural disasters, social problems, etc.), or rather, events that are not attributable to Zentidos OPIC or any of its authorized clients, money will not be refunded.

Products and Services: Successful registrations (paid online or payment verified through deposit, transfer, or money order from abroad where the user has sent the deposit slip or payment receipt) should only be used by the person who appears as the user at the printed event, meaning that he/she should arrive with an ID to validate the event, as these are non-transferable.
Reproducing, editing, or manipulating the proof of registration or proof of purchase are not authorized.
Unless otherwise indicated, it can be used for each event only once by coming to the specified place and time chosen during the purchase. In the case that the value of the event is not used entirely or that you do not make use of the entire service, the difference that is not used expires and a refund is not possible. 
Once the period of validity passes, the event loses its validity and cannot be used again or reimbursed.

Refunds / Cancellations: Respecting Chile’s SERNAC (National Consumer Service) rules, a refund for the value of the event will be allowed up to 10 days after purchase, through a formal letter or mail to the administrative offices of Zentidos OPIC, indicating motives and any important additional information to complete the refund that is relevant to the request, to the following address: Oslo 443, Las Condes - Santiago; or mail: info@zentidos.cl; and as a subject, the following should be specified: "Money Refund Registration Code NºXXXXXX” (registration code should be specified).
Registration cancellations and requests for money refunds should be done at least 30 days prior to the event. 
In all cases, all refunds will have a surcharge of 15% due to financial, administrative, and transaction costs. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event will be reviewed case-by-case, but generally have a fine of 100%.
To request a cancellation, send a formal e-mail to info@zentidos.cl.
Refund requests will not be accepted via telephone.
Each Client, Event or Form may have its own annulment, cancellation or refund policies which may be reported on its own web pages or by other mean. The policies here stated are only general if they correspond to events or activities in which Zentidos has ownership. In addition, if refunds, cancellations or annulments proceed and a foreign transfer or transfer is required, the costs of the transaction are borne by the person requesting the cancellation, annulment or refund.

Zentidos OPIC Team
Comprehensive Professional Conference and Event Organizers